[SunRay-Users] Serious use of SRSS from within a VM

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I just have to ask what your 4000 users are doing?  8 dual quads with 32-64 Gb RAM doesn't seem like a lot of horsepower for that number of users.  Because I tally 800 desktops there, I assume this isn't 4000 concurrent users but really a max of 800, but still - 100 users per server is very impressive.


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We deploy our srs servers, windows ts servers, exchange 2003,2007,
ssgd almost everything  is virtualized in vmware 3.5 for about a year
and now vSphere since may this year.
We only use kiosk sessions to a windows ts server.
We have 350 sunray 2 , 350 pc and 100 laptops and about 4000 users.
We have 8 sunfire 4150 dual quadcore with 32 to 64 GB memory,
everything runs smoothly.


Op 23 okt 2009, om 14:17 heeft Sean Clarke het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
>    Apart from the odd play/test/education is anybody getting serious
> use
> from SRSS running from inside a VM (say Virtualbox/VMWare or Xen) ?
> There are more and more services being deployed on VMs these days
> and i was
> just looking ahead and wondering if SRSS was being used.
> The way i set my systems up, whereby I have a set install
> (OpenSolaris/Ubuntu) and users homes are NFS's - because I keep to a
> set
> install routine with regard to packages etc. I could (in theory)
> prepare a
> "gold image" of say Ubuntu 9.10, then roll it out across all
> clients. Then
> when 10.4 comes out, prepare a new "gold image" at home, install the
> image
> on the clients machines, stop the 9.10 image and start the 10.4 (if
> there is
> a problem - rollback).
> This sounds very "nirvana" - I guess the thing that makes me edgy is
> the
> thought of 20 users running full desktop sessions from a VM -
> however, with
> the likes of Oracle, IBM, HP, Postgres etc. people all deploying huge
> systems vurtually, makes me wonder if I am a bit behind the times.
> It took a
> long time for me to jump to the VM world, but since doing so I really
> haven't looked back.
> Of course, client hardware would need to be beefy, but they are
> pretty state
> of the art (quad core fast AMDs, 16GB RAM etc.).... maybe...
> Whats your thoughts?
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