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Bob Doolittle Robert.Doolittle at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 23 16:07:31 EEST 2009


*Nobody* should be trying to install 4.1 on OpenSolaris or SXCE at this 
point. We should clean up our TWiki and respective (now obsolete) blogs, 
to avoid sending people down the wrong path.

The 4.2 Early Access release is publically available and works much better:

At this point, the only manual steps required with the EA2 release are:
- disable NWAM (on OpenSolaris)
- Install the additional packages (on OpenSolaris)
- install SRSS (don't reboot yet)
- Apply the GDM stanza to /etc/pam.conf
- Apply the workaround to loginGUI.start, if using an older build such 
as OS2009.06 (not necessary for b125)
- reboot

If you are going to attempt to use the Desktop Access Client (aka soft 
client) you'll need to edit the /etc/sock2path file before the reboot 
(and make sure to enable the "-u pseudo" policy and probably the "-M" 
policy as well so you can access your session both from DTUs and your 
soft client).


gerard wrote:
> Joe Reid wrote:
>> I'm struggling to get srss 4.1 installed on my developer b125 of 
>> OpenSolaris.  I found a James Legg blog from sun about adding a 
>> handful of packages, but I'm still getting errors about stuff not 
>> found in /usr/dt/config (the whole directory is missing).  Any other 
>> pointers?
> did you try this?
> http://blogs.sun.com/rslee/entry/sun_ray_4_1_on
> no /usr/dt need
> hth
> gerard
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