[SunRay-Users] delay in printing to USB printer

Bruce Silveria bruce at sum-it.com
Tue Oct 20 16:42:35 EEST 2009

We have a situation that has developed with a new version of a Star
Micronics receipt printer.  We develop and sell POS systems to
specialty retail stores.  Our "Cash Register" is a Sun Ray with USB
connected receipt printer and barcode scanner.  Until a few months ago
we were using Star TSP643 receipt printers.  Star replaced the TSP-643
with the TSP654.  With the TSP654 every time a Sun Ray Cash Register
station is reset, Stop-A or power cycled, there is a 1+ minute delay
before the first receipt starts to print.  After the first receipt
prints the delay for subsequent receipts is negligible and all is well
(at least until the next reset).
Any ideas as to why this might be occurring and if there is any thing
we can do to change or prevent this behavior?

Bruce Silveria
SUM/IT Systems

p: 888-549-5848 x116
f: 888-598-5479

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