[SunRay-Users] Kiosk mode security problem?

Jörg Barfurth Joerg.Barfurth at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 20 13:22:38 EEST 2009

Antony Healey schrieb:
> I’ve been using the Kiosk mode with the only application (as ‘Critical’) 
> being Firefox. To my mind, this should mean that Firefox is the only 
> thing the user can see/use.

> Yet we’ve discovered that if you “right-click” on the Orange menu 
> button, you can open up a floating menu and “Browse” is available. You 
> can then browse the local file system.

> That hardly qualifies as ‘kiosk’ in my mind. Can anyone recommend an 
> easy way to prevent this from happening, is there a place to turn this 
> off for all kiosk-mode users?

This is a known bug (6519615) in JDS, that should be fixed with recent 
revisions (-28 and later; -34 is current) of the GNOME Desktop Patch 

Alternatively you can use the CDE-based kiosk session with your firefox 
application or create a special kiosk session that does not involve an 
entire desktop environment, but only starts firefox - and an X window 
manager of your choice, if your firefox application requires 
multiple/popup windows.


- Jörg Barfurth

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