[SunRay-Users] Problems with sound since Nevada build 118

Bob Doolittle Robert.Doolittle at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 16 17:50:09 EEST 2009

Erik Riedel wrote:
> This is exactly what happens at my system also. Therefore I believe the
> bug is there since build 118, which was the build they introduced the
> new X-server Xnewt.

I'm afraid you're confused. Xnewt isn't part of Nevada, it's part of 
SRSS. The introduction of Xnewt is not coupled with any Nevada build 
number, nor does it have anything to do with sound. FWIW, Xnewt was 
introduced for Solaris in SRSS 4.1, which came out before Nevada build 100.


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