[SunRay-Users] Problems with sound since Nevada build 118

Erik Riedel riedel.erik at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 01:59:23 EEST 2009

This is exactly what happens at my system also. Therefore I believe the
bug is there since build 118, which was the build they introduced the
new X-server Xnewt.



Ivar Janmaat wrote:
> Hello Bob,
> I will update it there but I thing 10036 is a different bug.
> 10036 addresses the sound problem in post-boomer builds of SCXE and
> opensolaris.
> This bug is fixed with a patch in the Sun Audio Mixer.
> This patch makes Sun Audio Mixer use oss4sink if UTAUDIODEV is not set
> and sunaudiosink if UTAUDIODEV is set.
> This situation will be so until SRSS will support oss4sink.
> So this is all ok and bug 10036 can be closed in my opinion.
> Brian Cameron told be look elsewhere to fix my UTAUDIODEV problem.
> The UTAUDIODEV problem is a new bug in SRSS 4.2 ea 2 on SXCE build 124.
> So maybe you can set this up as a new bug on a Sun Ray bug tracking
> system instead of an opensolaris bug tracking system.
> Kind regards,
> Ivar
> Bob Doolittle wrote:
>> Ivar,
>> I've subsequently discovered that you've been using
>> http://defect.opensolaris.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=10036 to track this
>> issue, so we seem to have split the conversation into two threads.
>> Since I'm not the person working on this bug I suggest we keep
>> discussion within the bug for the benefit of whomever is pursuing it.
>> Please update the bug with this information.
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