[SunRay-Users] Problems with sound since Nevada build 118

Bob Doolittle Robert.Doolittle at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 15 23:06:51 EEST 2009

Ivar Janmaat wrote:
> Brian Cameron told be look elsewhere to fix my UTAUDIODEV problem.

He's the one who contacted me and asked me to look at that bug :)
Sorry to give you the run-around.

> The UTAUDIODEV problem is a new bug in SRSS 4.2 ea 2 on SXCE build 124.
> So maybe you can set this up as a new bug on a Sun Ray bug tracking 
> system instead of an opensolaris bug tracking system.

I'm in the process of setting up a snv_124 OpenSolaris system right now 
and will take a look. Since you were using SXCE I must ask - were you 
using dtlogin or gdm?


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