[SunRay-Users] serial to USB adapter

Bruce Silveria bruce at sum-it.com
Thu Oct 8 19:12:12 EEST 2009

After doing a bit of web research I found
http://www.sun.com/io_technologies/sunray/sunray.pdf dated 3/12/2009
and number of references that indicated that the Quatech
SSU-100/SSU2-100 (along with a few others others) was supported in the
Sun Ray enviroment.  With high hopes, I promptly ordered an SSU2-100
and upon receiving it, pluggged it in to a USB port my Sun Ray 2FS.  I
expected to see a node created in the /tmp/SUNWut/units/.../dev
directory but alas, no joy.  Subsequently, we have also tried the Digi
Edgeport/1 and Keyspan USA-19HS with the same results.  I have
searched for information on how to communicate with these devices.
However, I cannot seem to find any docs on what is required to make
things work.

Has anyone used any of the USB to Serial adapters listed in the
sunray.pdf referenced above?

Can you give me a clue (or 2) as to where to look to find out how I
might get one to work?

Bruce Silveria
SUM/IT Systems

p: 888-549-5848 x116
f: 888-598-5479

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