[SunRay-Users] Firefox Kiosk Mode problem

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FWIW, opera 10 in kiosk mode works quite well.


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Subject: [SunRay-Users] Firefox Kiosk Mode problem

I am trying to run a browser only (firefox) in kiosk mode. I have done the following and when I launch /opt/firefox -kiosk admin it just starts a normal firefox browser, it does no prompt for a password.

Install firefox in /opt:
Download the latest firefox from
Unzip firefox to /opt/firefox

Install and Configure Kiosk extensions:
Download the two kiosk XPI's from

Register the Components
    /opt/firefox/firefox -install-global-extension /opt/firefox/bma/jslib_current_signed.xpi (If you get an error, try it again.)
    /opt/firefox/firefox -install-global-extension /opt/firefox/bma/bmakiosk_current-ff-generic_signed.xpi

Create a URL whitelist file.. /opt/firefox/whitelist
    allowed[sgdserver.domain.com, ALL];

Start the Kiosk extension admin GUI:
    /opt/firefox/firefox -kiosk admin

I have also done the following:

Configure Kiosk Mode:
Create a kiosk application called Secure Global Desktop
    vi /etc/opt/SUNWkio/applications/firefox.conf

    KIOSK_APP_LABEL="Firefox Kiosk"
    KIOSK_APP_DESCRIPTION="Launch Firefox"

Set up Kiosk mode to launch a JDS 3 session
Add the Firefox application as AUTO start to the JDS 3 session.

When I select JDS as for kiosk mode and add /opt/firefox/firefox  as the application or if I simply add a customer application and put the absolute path to firefox or mozilla for non card users only when the thin client connects it never starts a session, it starts to connect then just reboots over and over. Am I missing something here?
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