[SunRay-Users] Firefox and Flash on Sunrays

Aaron Wilson aaron at ernieball.com
Thu Oct 8 02:57:57 EEST 2009

Apparently I'm the only one on the planet that can consistently recreate 
this problem and have been able to do so for some years now. I probably 
emailed this group 2 years ago with the same problem and I think I just 
gave up hoping the problem would get fixed. It has only gotten worse.

We have two offices.

In the one office Firefox with recent versions of Flash works fine on 
SunRay servers
In the other office Firefox with recent versions of Flash works but with 
problems on SunRay servers.

I used to have the problem where normal flash animations worked. If I 
went to Youtube or any other site with flash videos, Firefox would 
become unresponsive for anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. 
Generally it lasts for a minute or so. If I didn't have 30 users telling 
me about it everytime it happens I could live with it.

That was with flash_player_9_solaris_r47_x86 and prior.

Now with versions later than flash_player_9_solaris_r47_x86 all flash 
animations regardless of how complex they are or whether or not they 
have video, make the browser hang.

Only difference between the two server setups is the one office has 
local access over the LAN to the ldap server, and the other office with 
flash problems accesses the ldap server over an MPLS VPN.

I think when I last tried to report this I was told ldap couldn't have 
any thing to do with this, which leaves SunRay software?

I'm in the office with flash sunray problems. In this same office I have 
7 Ultra 20 machines that don't use LDAP for authentication and obviously 
don't have any SunRay software installed and they can run the latest 
flash_player_10_solaris_r32_18_x86 with no  problems.

The affected systems are running Sun Ray Server Software Version 4.0 and 
Solaris 10 8/07 s10x_u4wos_12b X86.

I would rebuild the servers with SRSS 4.1 and Solaris 10 5/09 
s10x_u7wos_08 X86 but I've rebuilt my servers twice with previous latest 
versions of Solaris and SRSS now. Neither of those rebuilds made the 
problem go away.

When I last rebuilt my servers I tested Flash before installing SRSS and 
LDAP auth and Flash worked fine. So in my mind it's gotta be SRSS or 
LDAP or both in tandem. I'm no software engineer though  :)


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