[SunRay-Users] Full screen Totem video resize issue

Ivar Janmaat ijanmaat at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 7 23:47:50 EEST 2009


Now that I have my Gigabit switch working ;-) I wanted to play a video 
in Totem on my Sun Ray.
I have some hires mp4 video's which gave a usable performance on my SR 270.
So I tried to show it full screen and that performed also reasonably well.
But when I switched back from full screen to a windowed Totem the bottom 
part of Totem (play, pause, etc. buttons) and the right side of Totem  
(playlist) were stil showing leftover still video fragments.
I don't have this on my console so it must be Sun Ray related.
Should I file this as a bug on the SRSS 4.2 ea 2 feedback list?

Kind regards,


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