[SunRay-Users] KA_Warning msgs in messages log?

Joerg Barfurth jub at sun.com
Wed Oct 7 12:38:37 EEST 2009

Art Peck schrieb:
> Anyone have a clue as to where these messages came from?
> Oct  6 09:27:32 []  0x0.0x10613e30 0:14:4f:c8:ab:5c 
> Application: KA_WARNING: lastsend 274807418 last Recv 274804368 diff 
> 3050 at 2748074.68

As the 'where from' is still unanswered:

These are logged by the Sun Ray DTUs. This one is from the DTU with MAC 
address 00144fc85c, with current IP address

You must have some configuration, in DHCP or .parms files, that supplies 
the DTU with a loghost and tells it to log 'Appl[ication]' messages at 
sufficient priority to show in your messages log.

> There are many of these; for some reason I can't copy & paste to the SGD 
> application so I just typed one line.

Kent already explained what these messages are. Possible reasons include 
a crashed or stopped utauthd, a utrestart or an interrupted network link.

The session host, to which this condition applies, may be different from 
the loghost where this is seen.

- Jörg

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