[SunRay-Users] KA_Warning msgs in messages log?

Kent Peacock Kent.Peacock at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 6 23:24:01 EEST 2009

On 10/06/09 13:11, Art Peck wrote:
> Anyone have a clue as to where these messages came from?
> Oct  6 09:27:32 []  0x0.0x10613e30 0:14:4f:c8:ab:5c 
> Application: KA_WARNING: lastsend 274807418 last Recv 274804368 diff 
> 3050 at 2748074.68

These mean that the keep-alive heartbeat response messages are not being 
seen in a timely fashion. After 3 of these, the Sun Ray would timeout 
and reboot.


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