[SunRay-Users] ipv6 support

Stoyan Angelov s_angelov_lists at filibeto.org
Mon Oct 5 16:19:28 EEST 2009

> Kent Peacock wrote:
>> Did you load the GUI firmware? What does STOP-V show as the version 
>> you're running?
> hi Kent,
> yes, i am running the GUI firmware. the version is: 
> GUI4.2_49_2009.
> it is loaded on Sun Ray 150 (CoronaP3).

hi Kent,

i tested a sun ray 2 dtu today and the gui firmware has the 'network' menu.

i have a fully working ipv6 setup now, running on opensolaris 2010.02 
(build 124) and srss 4.2 ea2. the server has no ipv4 address configured 
at all.
everything works like a charm. great job. thank you!



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