[SunRay-Users] USB redirection on SRS 5 ea2 not working -- what am I doing wrong?

Ashley W ashleyw at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 2 05:23:55 EEST 2009

If you have utUsbPort showing in device manager, USB redirection has been setup properly. In order for devices to get redirected you need to be running EA2 firmware.


> Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 12:26:57 -0600
> From: isaac at okeeffemuseum.org
> To: sunray-users at filibeto.org
> Subject: [SunRay-Users] USB redirection on SRS 5 ea2 not working -- what am	I doing wrong?
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to get USB redirection going on the ea2 software but it isn't
> working for some reason. Here's what I've done so far:
> installed a fresh copy of s10u7 in a ESX vm.
> Installed/configured srss4.2 and srwc 2.2
> installed a fresh WinXP VM (standalone; not part of a VDI setup)
> added usb drives to WinXP install and then installed the USB redir
> components.
> I also installed the MMR stuff which is working.
> The XP install shows the utSrSession device under System Devices and
> shows the utUsbPort device under USB controllers and the USB redirect
> icon does show up in the system tray. However when I plug a flash disk
> into the Sun Ray port (a sunray 2 if that matters) then nothing happens
> even after waiting a long time. I've checked the server logs and I have
> entries for utstoraged servicing the disk so I believe that the Sun Ray
> server is seeing the device but that does not seem to be getting passed
> to the windows vm.
> I'm sure I've missed a step here but I'm not sure what it is... is there
> a argument that needs to passed to uttsc for instance? I've looked
> around the web gui and read the man page for uttsc but I don't see
> anything to enable USB redirection.
> I'd appreciate any help on this.
> Thanks, Isaac
> Isaac Bush
> Systems Administrator 
> Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
> 217 Johnson Street
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