[SunRay-Users] USB redirection on SRS 5 ea2 not working -- what am I doing wrong?

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 1 23:10:51 EEST 2009

Hi Issac,
Are you using the canned SRWC kiosk mode or runnint uttsc from the 
command line (or your own kiosk script for that matter).  For now we are 
only supporting USBR in kiosk mode due to possible conflicts with USB 
devices used under a Linux/Solaris session.

What you don't see in kiosk mode (unless you look at the script) is a 
undocumented flag (at least in the man page and docs) option of -r USB:On

So if you are not using kiosk (guessing this the case) add that flag to 
your uttsc arg.

Isaac Bush wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to get USB redirection going on the ea2 software but it isn't
> working for some reason. Here's what I've done so far:
> installed a fresh copy of s10u7 in a ESX vm.
> Installed/configured srss4.2 and srwc 2.2
> installed a fresh WinXP VM (standalone; not part of a VDI setup)
> added usb drives to WinXP install and then installed the USB redir
> components.
> I also installed the MMR stuff which is working.
> The XP install shows the utSrSession device under System Devices and
> shows the utUsbPort device under USB controllers and the USB redirect
> icon does show up in the system tray. However when I plug a flash disk
> into the Sun Ray port (a sunray 2 if that matters) then nothing happens
> even after waiting a long time. I've checked the server logs and I have
> entries for utstoraged servicing the disk so I believe that the Sun Ray
> server is seeing the device but that does not seem to be getting passed
> to the windows vm.
> I'm sure I've missed a step here but I'm not sure what it is... is there
> a argument that needs to passed to uttsc for instance? I've looked
> around the web gui and read the man page for uttsc but I don't see
> anything to enable USB redirection.
> I'd appreciate any help on this.
> Thanks, Isaac
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