[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray SW 5, Solaris 10, and 26D

Paul Whitener pwhitener at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 14 16:50:35 EEST 2009

I got the red ball until I upgraded all srss servers to 5.  (or at least the one the Soft Ray was trying to connect to)  So if you are in a FOG, you might verify where you are pointing.


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>From: "Walter R. Moore" <moorewr at eckerd.edu>
>Sent: Jul 14, 2009 9:45 AM
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>Subject: [SunRay-Users] Sun Ray SW 5, Solaris 10, and 26D
>I upgraded a test server from Sun Ray Services 4 to 5 Early Access, and
>we're stuck at the dreaded 26D. I'd like your advice how best to debug
>the problem.
>I did the usual utpreserve/utinstall.. having gotten 26D, I reran utadm
>and utconfig.  (I tried the Soft Client.. it connects just fine but then
>brings up a red ball with a white bar through it. A separate issue?) The
>kiosk and card users I try to connect with show up as disconnected
>sessions in the session list..
>here's what I see when a terminal connects to the server. I do not see
>anything obviously wrong.. except the result of course.
>> Jul 14 09:20:22 []  0x0.0x335 0:3:ba:8b:a7:72 Application: cauth: Generated new client key [CA:83:97:F4:C5:50:6F:D2:AA:A6:D4:21:C2:B1:38:52]
>> Jul 14 09:20:25 acantha utauthd: [ID 461992 user.info] Worker0 NOTICE: whichServer pseudo.0003ba8ba772: 
>> Jul 14 09:20:25 acantha utauthd: [ID 548921 user.info] Worker0 NOTICE: CLAIMED by StartSession.m6 NAME: pseudo.0003ba8ba772 PARAMETERS: {stealProtected=true, terminalIPA=, type=pseudo, fw=4.2_17_2009.,Boot:1.6; 2002.06.27-13:23:00-PDT, state=disconnected, cause=insert, doamgh=true, barrierLevel=420, lockaction=disconnect, rawId=0003ba8ba772, terminalCID=IEEE802.0003ba8ba772, MTU=1500, tokenSeq=1, firstServer=c0a88001, namespace=IEEE802, keyTypes=dsa-sha1-x1,dsa-sha1, ddcconfig=0, clientRand=TBF7ZGExJqsZ4Ew0CGibboo5BqNWG2iGtKlG5OFxrDC, id=0003ba8ba772, realIP=c0a880d1, startRes=1024x768, useReal=true, event=insert, sn=0003ba8ba772, rawType=pseudo, clientKeyStatus=unconfirmed, hw=SunRayP5, initState=1, usersession=false, _=1}
>> Jul 14 09:20:25 acantha utauthd: [ID 992990 user.info] Worker0 NOTICE: CONNECT IEEE802.0003ba8ba772, pseudo.0003ba8ba772, all connections allowed
>> Jul 14 09:20:25 acantha utauthd: [ID 118787 user.info] Worker0 NOTICE: MTU = 1500
>> Jul 14 09:20:25 acantha utauthd: [ID 839304 user.info] Worker0 NOTICE: SessionManager.getSessionManager: Initiate callback to utsessiond at localhost:7007
>> Jul 14 09:20:25 acantha utauthd: [ID 218807 user.info] Worker0 NOTICE: SessionManager.initiateCallback localhost:7010 established communication
>> Jul 14 09:20:26 acantha utdtsession: [ID 702911 user.info] Add (2,pseudo.0003ba8ba772,normal)
>> Jul 14 09:20:27 acantha kiosk:utkioskconfig:configure[7189]: [ID 702911 user.info] Enabled Kiosk Mode for display ':2'
>> Jul 14 09:20:28 acantha utauthd: [ID 373918 user.info] Worker0 NOTICE: SESSION_OK pseudo.0003ba8ba772
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