[SunRay-Users] dithering/rendering issues with SRSS 4.1 running KDE4

Stephan Oeste it at oeste.de
Thu Feb 26 15:19:24 EET 2009

Hello all,

we have dithering/rendering issues with SRSS 4.1 running KDE4 on Sun Rays.
We run a Ubuntu hardy on VMware Server 2.x.

Transparent parts of buttons or other transparent parts of the image are dithered. 

As you can see here:

Even with KDE3 there is this effect present. For example the text of the desktop icons are a little dithered around the edges. Also deactivated buttons show that effect.

I think that the X server of SRSS is not capable to render transparenty.
It seems to be exactly the problem mentiond here:

Is there a way to enable transparenty, or maybe a way to switch it off in KDE4.


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