[SunRay-Users] Seconday servers not listed in web admin GUI

Niki W. Waibel niki.waibel at gmx.net
Wed Feb 11 04:42:33 EET 2009

> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 10:26:35AM -0500, Joseph Pippin wrote:
> > All,
> > 
> > We are experiencing a  problem with secondary servers not showing up in
> > the
> > web admin GUI.
> > Configured web admin for all servers.  When logged into primary web
> > admin
> > and selecting servers tab
> > only the primary is listed.
> > 
> > Has anyone seen this issue before?
> I had similiar issues with a FOG running on ESX3.5; utgstatus showed
> that the servers didn't have a consistent view of who could see each
> other.
> Haven't had the same issue on physical servers.

sounds like ESX has issues with multicast packets transmittet over its virtual switches. it is possible to specify all ray servers directly. can't remember how/where, but i am sure you'll find that info in the archives of this list.

i am also pretty certain, that it is possible to get the multicast packets transmittet over ESX virtual switches.

further, i remember, on our cisco switches multicast was turned off by default and those packets were dropped on our physical switches. it was pretty simple to turn on forwarding multicast in IOS.

good luck, niki
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