[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray loosing connection

Knut Talman knut.talman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 22:46:38 EEST 2008

Hi all,

we are running (or testing) SRSS 4.0 with patches 127555-01 on SLES 10
SP1. After installation of two servers and running through all
configuration tasks (utconfig, utadm, utreplica, utfwsync) on both
hosts we see logon screens. After some seconds or minutes we have a
26D on some DTU and the following entry in /var/log/messages:

Apr 30 22:40:48 sles10host java: utadt:: username={admin}
hostname={sles10host.mydom.dom} service={Sessions} cmd={}
message={Session with token=pseudo.00144f7dd59e and display number=17
on sles10host has been terminated} status={0} return_val={0}

and we can't get it alive again until a reboot of both servers. Even a
cold restart would do nothing, only a reboot helps.

Has anyone any idea? At least where to start searching?



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