[SunRay-Users] What KVM works with a Sun Ray?

Christian McHugh christian.mchugh at nau.edu
Wed Apr 30 12:52:44 EEST 2008

Gary Mills wrote:
> Are there any KVMs that work properly with Sun Ray clients?  Our
> experience is that the Sun Rays display in the wrong resolution.  In
> one instance that I investigated, the KVM was supplying incorrect EDID
> information to the video card, specifying that the native format was
> 640x480.  When the monitor was connected directly, it specified
> 1280x1024.  No wonder the resolution was wrong!

This is not really an answer to your question, but we've noticed the same 
thing. Of all the brands of KVMs we have tried, all have done the same thing. 
We ended up hardcoding our lecturn sunrays (the only ones with KVMs) display 

Christian McHugh
Northern Arizona University

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