[SunRay-Users] kill idle session to free resorces

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 29 12:00:44 EEST 2008

Bob et al:
> I'm surprised however that killing a session which has been idle for 8 
> hours is not considered "inconveniencing ... users".  At Sun, we kill 
> sessions only if they have been idle for several days.  I'm sure the 
> choice of appropriate idle time depends on the usage patterns and 
> needs of your user community, and one size does not fit all.
Yes, that's an interesting observation, Bob, and I can certainly think 
of lots of cases where folks would be grumpy if their sessions were 
killed.  Let me tell you a bit more about how we use our Sun Rays .... 
particularly because it is one that, I think, really shows the power of 
hot desking.

We use our Sun Rays in a lab that is about a 1000 square meter cleanroom 
that has about 100 different pieces of equipment in it and about 20-25 
Sun Rays.  The primary application that is run on these machines (well, 
other than browsers, email, and open office ....) is an in-house 
developed application called Coral that allows folks to make 
reservations on these tools, enable a tool when they begin to use it, 
disable it when they stop using it, report problems on the tools, etc.  
Of the course of a day, a single person may use as many of 12-20 of 
these pieces of equipment and may have had their session running on 
most, if not all, of the Sunrays as they move through the lab.  In other 
words, this use really shows off the virtues of Hot Desking very 
nicely.  The good news is that our running application talks to the 
backend servers and database so if we kill their session, it's not the 
same as folks having lost work in a programming environment, unsaved 
open office documents, etc.

However, in our case at least, if we end up with a bunch of idle Coral 
sessions, each one of them has a 110 MB memory footprint, as I recall.  
When we add in a bunch of Firefox or Mozilla sessions, killing their 
sessions after 8 hours has been a good thing .... and, in our 
environment, we've never had a complaint about it.



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