[SunRay-Users] kill idle session to free resorces

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Tue Apr 29 19:43:23 EEST 2008


   I use xautolock at a site  now  ,  but I had to change the source 
code  to wait  longer than 60 minutes .
   There is a default longest waittime  of 60 minutes in the source.   
which I set to 720  minutes  = 12 Hours.
   So that  a users   session  always  terminates  during the  night.


Mohamad Rashad wrote:
> Hi
> Thank you John Shott for you help
> Bob Doolittle
> Thank you too for help, for sure I did mean kill but I used the wrong 
> word :-(
> You say that "At Sun, we kill sessions only if they have been idle for 
> several days", so my question is "How do you do
> that? do you use such an application like "xautolock" or you use some 
> builtin SunRay function? and if you use a SunRay
> function how do you manage it? and how do you change the idle time 
> before kill the session?
> By the way, my name is "Moham_a_d" not "Moham_e_d" ;-)
> Thank you
> Mohamad Rashad
> Kingdom of Bahrain
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