NSCM Login graphics ( was: Re: [SunRay-Users] Live Upgrade with Sun Ray Server 4 )

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Sun Apr 27 10:19:44 EEST 2008

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Lars Tunkrans wrote:
>> Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>>> Gérard Henry wrote:
>>>> i have some users that refuse to try a sunray only because they see 
>>>> this old 90's banner...
>>> Even after we put the splashy new login screen on in Solaris 10?
>>> (and changed it several S10 patches/updates to be even snazzier
>>>  and more Sun Ray bandwidth-friendly)    It lacks the customizability
>>>  of gdm, but doesn't look like 90's CDE any more.
>> It does if you run NSCM    ( No SmartCard  Mobility )    ,   so there 
>> is still  room for a face lift. I guess a lot of sites   use the  Sun 
>> Ray  without  smartcards.
> Then you want NSCM given a facelift - it was designed to look like
> classic dtlogin, but is a separate program, and switching to gdm
> won't change it.
Thank you  Alan ,   I was not aware  that NSCM  was completely  
standalone  from  dtlogin. 

Craig   or Bob   ,      A new   Splash  screen for  NSCM   login 
dialouge   in the next SRS4  patch/update  ?


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