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Sat Apr 26 13:21:24 EEST 2008

On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 11:28 AM, Ezequiel Singer
<Ezequiel.Singer at sun.com> wrote:
>  The thing is this, there is a Windows 2003 Server with a medical
> application, with some image managing. This application can work with 3 Mpx
> - 1600x2048 resolution. My idea, is if we can split this image, and use 3
> sunrays to monitorize all this.
>  My first question is, can RDP protocole (using windows connector), send
> images with 2048X1600??? ...

AFAIK the RDP limit is 4096x2048.  See
I think you're limited to 16-bit color depth if you go beyond

> ... and then  I know I can split with sunray  software
> an image to 3 sunray, so Could I split an 1600X2048 image into 3 images,
> using 3 sunrays (consider that the maximum resolution in a sunray is
> 1920x1200)

The maximum resolution of a Sun Ray 2FS is 3840x1200, split
over two monitors.  A pair of 2FS's in a multihead group could
contain two of these images side by side.  1920x1200 is the
limit for a 2FS with a single monitor, and was the limit for the
Sun Ray 1g, which has been out of production for a couple of

So 1600x2048 will fit on 2 single-monitor Sun Rays, with a
little left over.  Maybe enough for decorations and controls
around the image.  3 Sun Rays would give you an entire extra
monitor's worth of display area.  2 Sun Rays 2FS's with two
monitors each would give you two monitors' worth of extra

You wouldn't "split" the image.  You'd set up a 2- or 3-way
Sun Ray multihead group and enable Xinerama, which will
cause the group to be presented as a single screen to X
applications including the Windows Connector.


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