[SunRay-Users] SRSS and Indiana

Bob Doolittle Robert.Doolittle at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 24 13:06:20 EEST 2008

Sean Clarke wrote:
> Hi,
>     With Indiana (aka OpenSolaris, aka OpenSolaris Developer Preview etc.) 
> rumoured to have an early May release soupled with rumours of the death of 
> SXDE - how far away is SRSS from working on Indiana?

Pretty far, in my opinion.  Indiana has no CDE in it, which means no 
dtlogin.  This decision was driven by IP encumbrances and licensing issues.

SRSS does not work with gdm on Solaris today, and the version of gdm 
currently shipped with Solaris (including Indiana) has robustness issues 
when attempting to support multiple displays (related to multi-threading 
and signal handling).  Unfortunately, the gdm community has chosen to 
completely rewrite gdm from scratch rather than focus on fixing this 
issue, and it seems that the community's interests do not place dynamic 
display management high on the priority list for the rewrite (although 
that may be changing).  So it's unclear how long it will be before we 
have a stable gdm that SRSS can use for large scale deployments.  Until 
a suitable Solaris gdm is on the horizon, it makes little sense for us 
to invest effort in making SRSS capable of using it.  We may know more 
about this in a month or so - we're meeting with one of the gdm 
maintainers in late May to discuss gdm/SRSS issues.

On the Nevada/SXDE front, Sun is committed to maintaining dtlogin until 
a suitable gdm replacement is available.  We're having lots of internal 
dialog about when and how we can fully de-commit CDE at the moment.  Sun 
Ray is only one of the dependencies here.


Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this mail are my own, and are not 
necessarily shared by my employer

> I am not expecting support etc. just a nod that it works - I have been 
> enjoying the SRSS + SXDE experience for quite some time now and I find SXCE 
> just a bit to unstable. While Indiana is likly to be just as unstable, the 
> frequent (hopefully) package udates and ZFS/upgrade rollback would help 
> overcome that.

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