[SunRay-Users] Live Upgrade with Sun Ray Server 4

Gary Mills mills at cc.umanitoba.ca
Wed Apr 23 09:54:55 EEST 2008

I did a Live Upgrade on a Sun Ray server running Solaris 10 8/07 to
bring it up to Solaris 10 5/08.  This was an X4100 with Sun Ray server
4.0.  To begin, I created an alternate boot environment this way:

    # lucreate -c firstlu -m /:c0t2d0s5:ufs -m /var:c0t2d0s7:ufs -n secndlu

Then, I upgraded it this way:

    # luupgrade -u -n secndlu -s /net/SERVER/jump/S10_up508_x86_cd

The file /var/sadm/system/data/upgrade_cleanup on the alternate boot
environment lists files that need to be reviewed before activating
that BE.  I was surprised to see these files listed:

  /usr/dt/config/Xreset: existing file renamed to /usr/dt/config/Xreset~10
  /usr/dt/config/Xsetup: existing file renamed to /usr/dt/config/Xsetup~10
  /usr/dt/config/Xstartup: existing file renamed to /usr/dt/config/Xstartup~10
  /usr/dt/config/sessionetc: existing file renamed to /usr/dt/config/sessionetc~10
  /a/etc/pam.conf default entries updated, please examine/update customized entries
  /a/etc/pam.conf updating pam_unix with default PAM entries please examine/update any new entries
  /a/etc/pam.conf updating entries to add kerberos, please examine/update any new entries

The /etc/pam.conf file seemed to be correct, but the four files in
/usr/dt/config had reverted to their original form, with all of the
SUNWut sections removed.  I had to rename them back to retain the Sun
Ray server changes.  After this, I activated the new BE and rebooted
the server.  Sun Ray services seemed to work normally afterwards.
I was pleased to see the new features of Solaris 10 5/08, including
Staroffice 8.

I'm concerned that Sun Ray server software is not well integrated with
the Solaris package and patch system, so that Live Upgrade doesn't
work in a more reliable manner.  Manual changes should only be
necessary where the sysadmin has changed configuration files, not
where Sun-supplied software has done it.  Can this situation be

-Gary Mills-    -Unix Support-    -U of M Academic Computing and Networking-

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