[SunRay-Users] switching on encryption results in 26D

P.S.M. Swamiji Psm.Swamiji at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 23 15:06:08 EEST 2008

Possibly you may be hitting CR#6480801 if you are using
SRSS 3.1 with out -06 or later revision. If not, probably
/var/dt/Xerrors may give some clues.

[6480801 encrypted connections fail with SRSS 3.1 on Nevada build  = 38]


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Klaus Robert Suetterlin wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> if I switch on encryption
> /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utcrypto -a enc_up_type=ARCFOUR enc_down_type=ARCFOUR
> or just one of them
> my sunray server is unable to put graphics on my sunray terminals,  
> either resulting in perpetual 26D (or just no graphics output, i.e. 
> no  session or login greeter, no other).
> Without encryption everything works fine.
> This problem appeared with some december 2007 update of Solaris.
> How to get encryption back?
> Thanks,
> --Robert S.
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