[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray 150 Hourglass

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 18 14:26:50 EEST 2008

Did you create a private interconnect off the Sun Ray Server?  At this 
point, unless you really want to muck with vendor class options on your 
DHCP server, you'll want the Sun Ray Server to provide DHCP and with 
this it will update the firmware and you won't see the big our glass 
anymore and will be able to use it on the "LAN".

In the old firmware you have the dashes mean the following:

One dash: waiting for interconnect
Two dashes: DHCP pending
Three dashes: Waiting to connect to Authentication Manager

Bryan Gawronski wrote:
> Thank you for the help with the 150.
> The only issue I have now is that I don't see an IP reservation on my 
> DHCP server for the Sun Ray 150 MAC Address.  When the hourglass is on 
> the screen 2 bars appear under it.  If I leave the network cable 
> unplugged then only a single bar appears.  I think that these bars tell 
> you the status of the connection.  Do you know what step in the 
> connection process each bar represents?
> Thank you for your time.
> Bryan Gawronski
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