[SunRay-Users] odd locking of usb port

Bjoern Rost b.rost at portrix.net
Tue Apr 15 12:21:13 EEST 2008


this is a weird problem: I have a device (label printer) attached via
usb to a DTU. I can simply use this command to print to the device:

cat /var/tmp/data.esim > /tmp/SUNWut/units/MAC/dev/printer/myprinter

This works fine in my lab environment. But the exact same
printer/cable/dtu/srss-version combination in the production environment
does not work that well: I can print only one time but it will fail on
each subsequent try until I power-cycle the DTU. Then I can print one
more time and so on.
Could this be a problem with whatever part of SRSS is doing the
usb-forwarding service? How can I debug this?

Any ideas?


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