[SunRay-Users] SRSS 'hotdesking' w/GNOME 2.22, esd socket issues

Damon Getsman dgetsman at amirehab.net
Fri Apr 11 13:23:53 EEST 2008

> Damon Getsman wrote:
> > I have had a problem described to me for a project by the
> > administrator who is still training me on the admin of this system, as
> > my previous knowledgebase is basically all networked linux PC
> > administration.  The problem is, as I have been told, an issue with
> > the enlightened sound daemon when the users login multiple times at
> > once (I'm not even sure how this is possible with smart card logins;
> > I'm just running with what I've been told at this point).  There are
> > three servers which the user logs into from the various terminals.
> > Evidently they are set up to round-robin the resources.  Anyway, when
> > a user is logged into all three machines and attempts another login,
> > obviously it goes back to the first server in the list.  When this
> > happens, the /tmp/.esd socket and/or lockfiles prevent sound
> > capability from the most recently authenticated terminal.

Okay yesterday I actually went out to the site where this issue is
occurring on our WAN.  Evidently the problem was not described to me
correctly.  The issue is not that the same issue logs in on multiple
machines at once.  The issue is caused because of a person logging in
on more than just one terminal at different times.  For instance, one
of our receptionists uses a primary terminal at the front desk with a
SIM card to log in.  Normally she only uses this one machine and the
sound works just fine.  However, if she removes her SIM card and logs
in on a different terminal, the sound will stop working for any
instance of her logged in on the servers (ie the new terminal she's
using will not have sound, and when she goes to any other terminal or
her primary terminal and logs in again, there will be no sound).  This
issue also occurs when she is not logged in at her terminal, and
someone else comes along and logs in on it for a bit.  After that
point, there will be no sound at her terminal.  To this point I am
still trying to get more detailed information on the issue, because
there are several points that I'm vague on.  Descriptions that I've
gotten from someone more knowledgeable about this than myself have, to
date, been vague enough to leave me rather boggled on what exactly is
causing this.  To this point our only fix has been to log in to the
server as the superuser, go into /tmp/.esd, and manually wipe all of
the materials that the user owns.

As somebody else in this group mentioned in a reply, we are indeed using the
Sun Rays for 'hotdesking', as I understand the definition.  I believe that
the issue may indeed be that the sockets in /tmp/.esd do not recognize
multiple sessions, but I am not sure how to go about fixing this without
massive kludge.  Then again if esd simply isn't designed to handle the kind
of use we're putting it to, I guess the only other solutions would be to
switch to another sound daemon, prohibit users from hotdesking, or to just
live with the kludge.

If anybody has any input on this, more helpful advice, or tips on where to
dig up more that might be applicable I would appreciate it.  Many thanks for
the reply about the session vs. users information, too; that gave me a
better understanding that I think is going to help a lot.

-Damon Getsman
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