[SunRay-Users] Re: Re: RE: Need Suggestion in Failover Group

Lambertus Setiawan Wardana tazlambert at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 18:13:02 EEST 2008


After I setup everything I haven't found the right time to test my FOG
configuration, since in the weekdays I cannot disturb the running system,
perhaps in this weekend I will try to test it. But I think what Bjoern said
is right, anyway in my plan if what happens is like yours, then I will make
some quota for each servers, by killing some of the session and I will make
my 1st server that already filled not being able to give any session
anymore, you can do it by utadm -f or -n to enable or disable the ability to
give session CMIIW, you can see it in the manual PDF. So the rest of the
session will go to the other server. In my plan I will combine it with LDAP
authentication so that user can login in any DTU from any Server

Best Regards,
Lambertus Setiawan Wardana
President University IT 2005 
tazlambert at gmail.com

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