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Meik Hellmund Meik.Hellmund at math.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Apr 7 23:18:54 EEST 2008

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"Quayle, Bill" <Bill.Quayle at cmegroup.com> wrote:

> I'll second that motion.
> I've deployed and have been running Blastwave KDE on Sun Ray on
> Solaris 10/SPARC.  While Blastwave is a great package deployment
> tool, it sure is frustrating to have the packages lag so far behind
> other platforms.
> We've found KDE to be much faster, responsive, and configurable than
> Gnome.  A large part of our Sun Ray deployment is to a group of users
> with desktops controlled using the KDE kiosk utilities.  We limit
> their ability to modify menus, desktop wallpaper, transparency,
> etc... to improve the responsiveness of the desktop, and it has
> worked great.
> SunView was fast and lightweight. (It had to be on that 16MHz 68020 hardware:-) 
> OpenWindows was slower, with more overhead. (Welcome to the world of X.) 
> CDE was slower yet.  Let's not talk about the bloat here... 
> GNOME takes slow and bloated to a new level.  It's the Win XP of the UNIX/Linux world. 
> KDE is lean, configurable, and open.
> We compared GNOME/JDS to KDE on the Sun Ray, and KDE was clearly the
> right way to go.
> I'll match your .02 euro with a buck and a half (or whatever the
> exchange rate is today...)

Let me add my .02 euro 
I provide CDE, Gnome and KDE for my users and all three have their friends. 
(And this choice is much more important to my users than the Solaris/Linux 

For my own needs, all three are bloated. I could still live happily
with fvwm or twm. But some time ago I decided to use Gnome in order to have
the necessary everyday experience to help my users. 

My preference for Gnome was mainly a matter of taste. You can't argue 
about taste but in my eyes KDE looks ugly. (Of course you can also 
uglify Gnome by trying to imitate Microsoft, as the JDS theme proves.)

If someone of our students here in Germany already has some Unix experience,
chances are high that he knows the KDE desktop.
This is mainly due to the dominant role of the SuSE Linux distribution, 
which was a German company before Novell took over and which delivered 
KDE as default desktop (again, before Novell took over. Now it provides 
both desktops on an equal footing).
This may change with the increasing popularity of Ubuntu. 

>From my point of view as a sysadmin, CDE users are the easiest. There
are practically no problems. No leftover (or even 100%cpu run-away)
dcopserver  or artsd (KDE) or gconfd  or bonobo (Gnome) daemons. 
No "I can't login anymore" phone calls which I can only solve by deleting 
the users $HOME/.kde, $HOME/.gconfd,...whatever... directories. 

In my opinion, KDE  and Gnome are in the same league concerning
bloatedness, stability and configurability. I don't see that Gnome is more bloated
than KDE. Looking at memory consumption, responsiveness or 
installation complexity, I don't see much difference. Startup time 
is quite a bit smaller for Gnome. 
But this are subjective statements, I didn't do any real measurements. 

I also find that Gnome is quite good to configure at the sysadmin level,
if you get used to gconftool-2. It has, e.g., a clear concept  of 
"default" and "mandatory" settings, so you can also forbid wallpapers,
transparency and so on. For  Gnome kiosk configuration, this may be 
<http://library.gnome.org/admin/deployment-guide/> or
And a last remark about KDE: 
During my futile googling for nice KDE/Solaris packages, I found this blog


from one of the guys (the guy?) working hard on KDE4 for OpenSolaris. 
This is the best and most informative place I found about KDE4+Opensolaris. 

Regards, Meik

Meik Hellmund
Mathematisches Institut, Uni Leipzig
e-mail: Meik.Hellmund at math.uni-leipzig.de

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