[SunRay-Users] SRSS on Solaris x86 (moved from Linux)

Quayle, Bill Bill.Quayle at cmegroup.com
Mon Apr 7 09:20:17 EEST 2008

I'll second that motion.

I've deployed and have been running Blastwave KDE on Sun Ray on Solaris 10/SPARC.  While Blastwave is a great package deployment tool, it sure is frustrating to have the packages lag so far behind other platforms.

We've found KDE to be much faster, responsive, and configurable than Gnome.  A large part of our Sun Ray deployment is to a group of users with desktops controlled using the KDE kiosk utilities.  We limit their ability to modify menus, desktop wallpaper, transparency, etc... to improve the responsiveness of the desktop, and it has worked great.

SunView was fast and lightweight. (It had to be on that 16MHz 68020 hardware:-)
OpenWindows was slower, with more overhead. (Welcome to the world of X.)
CDE was slower yet.  Let's not talk about the bloat here...
GNOME takes slow and bloated to a new level.  It's the Win XP of the UNIX/Linux world.
KDE is lean, configurable, and open.

We compared GNOME/JDS to KDE on the Sun Ray, and KDE was clearly the right way to go.

I'll match your .02 euro with a buck and a half (or whatever the exchange rate is today...)


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On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 09:29:57AM -0700, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Meik Hellmund wrote:
> > Now I have a Gnome which looks much better than JDS or blastwave's gnome.
> > Does anyone know where to get a recent KDE-3 (i.e., 3.5.7 .. 3.5.9)
> > for Solaris/x86?
> Have you tried http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/kde/ or
> http://solaris.kde.org/ ?

There are, to the best of my knowledge, no real packages for a recent KDE for

There are absolutely *ancient* packages (KDE 3.4.3 compiled without
anti-aliased font support to add insult to injury), and there is "talk" about
up-to-date packages on Blastwave and what not - but there are, to the limit of
my googling abilities, no actual packages out there.

Some OpenSolaris folks told me that I should run my SRSS on OpenSolaris to get
KDE - but when asked "does OpenSolaris have recent KDE packages" the answer
was, yet again, no.  Sigh...

As a long time KDE user (meaning, I've gotten used to the pretty and responsive
consistent-looking fully featured desktop environment that I cannot get in
Windows or GNOME), I'm really left wondering;  how can Sun ship SunRay server
software (software that drives *desktops*) without the K *desktop* environment?

I had to spend a weekend compiling before my desktops had a (proper) desktop
environment - because I was on the recommended OS (Solaris 10).  That's ironic.

Oh well, that's my 0.02 Euro on the issue.

I'd like to provide KDE packages, but I won't have time to package it the next
few weeks at least. And, that said, I really feel that someone other than me
should be doing it - the OS provider for example - hint hint  ;)


 / jakob

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