[SunRay-Users] Re: RE: Need Suggestion in Failover Group (Neal A. Lucier)

Lambertus Setiawan Wardana tazlambert at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 12:33:42 EEST 2008

Hi Otto,


I'm sorry to send directly to you before, I checked my group membership
between my two SunRay server and it shows:

Hostflags           interface            flags



Test1 TN     UAM

Test2 TN     UAM


Does it mean that my group membership is correct? So after this I run my FOG
group in test1 as Primary with utreplica? And if it is wrong how to make
this configuration is correct (I think just by giving the same group
signature, CMIIW :D)?


>Don't remove the '#'.  Those comments are a slightly strange
>way of documenting the default settings.  If for some reason
>you need to change any of these settings then do it by making
>a copy of the commented-out line, then remove the '#' from the
>copy and put in whatever new value you need.


So what you mean is that by default the group manager is already on, I mean
they able to communicate between each other? I have to question about this
since I do see both of the server in one of the server administration web
console, but there is no trusted server field in there, but when I want to
view the properties the other server it said that unable to retrieve session
numbers, so I cannot see the Type of the server and some info about swap


Best Regards,


Lambertus Setiawan Wardana

President University IT 2005 

tazlambert at gmail.com



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