[SunRay-Users] SunRays and Skype

Patrick 3cornersb at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 17:30:03 EEST 2008

>  Aaron Wilson wrote:
> >
> > > No version of Skype for Solaris. Skype 1.4 is available for Linux. The
> > > Linux version supports Video now too. I imagine you couldn't do video from a
> > > Sunray though unless you could somehow use an IP Camera. I think Skype on
> > > Linux uses ALSA so there may be sound problems if you ran the Linux version
> > > on the SRSS. I don't know for sure (For some reason I'm thinking Sunrays use
> > > OSS for Audio, but I could be wrong and probably am).  I've never tried
> > > using it in conjuction with a Sunray. We run our Sunrays on Solaris so not
> > > an option really.
> > >
> > > I'm currently tasked with researching ways to allow our users to use
> > > Skype. All of our users have a Sunray and a desk phone. I'm looking at
> > > products like Vosky, Skip2pbx, SkyStone to get Skype to work using our
> > > existing phones and PBX. I'm leaning more towards the Linux based Skip2pbx
> > > solution myself.
> > >
> > > I'm also looking at SIP trunking too. On the SIP Softphone vs Skype
> > > Software front, I have had limited success on a Sunray. I loaded up an
> > > Asterisk vmware image on my Mac and ran SIP Communicator from a Sunray. I
> > > was able to get SIP Communicator to work from a Sunray, connect to the
> > > Asterisk server, audio, etc. Well, I was able to get my mic to work from a
> > > Sunray 1G but on a Sunray 2FS, the mic didn't work. Could of just been the
> > > cheap mic I was using I suppose.
> > >
> >

Hi Aaron,

Just let me get this thread back on top again ;)
I am curious if you made any progress towards a Solution for having some
kind of VOIP capabilities on a Sunray (Solaris).

There must be someone on this list whom already tried Skype on Linux?
Possitive results?

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