[SunRay-Users] Resolution Problem

ottomeister ottomeister at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 16:49:46 EEST 2007

On 6/18/07, Trevor Dell <trevor at interdynamix.com> wrote:
> ottomeister wrote:

> Thanks Otto, this is a work around. When they start deploying in remote
> locations this could get more difficult. Users just have locked down CAM
> applications. Hope they buy Sun keyboards for Shift-Props out there.

Shift-Props is just the default combination, it can be
remapped.  See 'man utslaunch.properties'.  Or
somebody could throw together a quick graphical
launcher and include that in the CAM desktop..

> When inserting a smart card into another unit, this essentially is
> forcing the display too? (Kind of like a utresadm -c default -t <TOKEN>,
> if it worked) Or is this a saved setting per DTU?

If you do '-c default -t default' then that should force
the monitor timing on every token transition.

> > Do you know why DDC isn't working with the new
> > monitors?  Cheap cables, downrev firmware, KVM
> > in the way?
> Factory cables, latest firmware(XXXXXX-06), no KVMs. Happens with the
> Daytek on my desk, and over there they've tried Dell branded LCDs and LG.

What firmware versions are running in these units?

The Sun Ray firmware used to have problems parsing
version 3 EDID blocks, mostly because we hadn't been
able to exercise that code until V3 EDID starting being
advertised by newish flat panel monitors, so if these
units have old firmware that might explain this
behaviour.  That bug was fixed over a year ago so any
firmware released since last August or thereabouts
shouldn't have that problem.


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