[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray and barcode scanners

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 14 13:41:41 EET 2007

I believe the numlock issue is because the scanner and the keyboard are 
reporting different country codes, or perhaps correctly the scanner 
isn't reporting a country code so the Sun Ray assumes a type 0.  It's 
somewhere on this list.  Search barcode and otto.  Program the scanner 
to the same country code as the keyboard and you shouldn't have that 

Mike Cornelia wrote:
> We too are using the Symbol Scanners (LS-2208 USB version) and they
> work great with the Sun Type 7 keyboard.  I believe some other members
> of the group mentioned that the Metrologic USB scanners worked great
> too.  the only issue is with the keyboard / country code / num lock.
> That is, if I use another keyboard besides the  Sun brand with the
> LS-2208 it turns the Num Lock off on each scan.  While I bet there is
> a way to program the scanner not to do this (sending the wrong country
> code?) it is not an issue with the Sun Type 7 keyboards (and that is
> all I use).
> Good luck!
> Mike
> SUM/IT Systems
> Point of Sale and Inventory Control using Sunray's
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> Hiya,
> I am using Symbol USB barcode scanners here with SunRays.
> They are USB scanners and look like keyboards, so the barcode you scan
> just gets inputted the same as if it were being typed in from a keyboard.
> You can configure the barcode scanner to input certain keystrokes
> before/after it sends the actual barcode so you could use say ^K to grab
> an applications attention, have the scanner send the barcode and then
> have the scanner send ENTER.
> This is exactly what we do here, works nicely.
> - --
> Leigh
> Jim Klimov wrote:
>> Hello SunRay-Users,
>>   Since the scanners matter was recently active, I have a question
>>   here too :)
>>   We have seen in the docs that among different devices Sun Rays
>>   can support USB barcode scanners. In short, how far does this
>>   support go? :)
>>   Is it limited to certain devices or their usage, or does it
>>   stream everything to the application level?
>>   I'll try to describe our situation concerning this problem:
>>   We co-develop a custom application which currently works only
>>   under MS Windows, which is sort of an ERP/CRM/docflow app.
>>   It uses barcodes to identify all printed documents, and our
>>   programmers have developed a utility (for Windows) which can
>>   translate signals from the barcode scanner to Windows system
>>   messages. These in turn are captured by the GUI program and
>>   trigger some activity, i.e. open a dialog to edit the electronic
>>   version of the document.
>>   This was developed using an USB CipherLab-1000 scanner, which
>>   under Windows gets a COM port number and the developed utility
>>   accesses this COM port to wait for input from the scanner.
>>   Now, we discussed deploying this whole application in a customer's
>>   new environment which can be filled with Sun Rays instead of
>>   WinPCs as desktop workplaces - if we get the scanners working
>>   in general and through uttsc in particular.
>>   So far this has not become an experimental project (i.e. I don't
>>   yet know whether this scanner does or does not work with a Sun Ray),
>>   but perhaps the list members know if it works and what caveats to
>>   expect and how to work around them?
>>   In particular, does the Sun Ray appliance and SRS support USB-serial
>>   converters (as one seems to be built in this scanner)?
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