[SunRay-Users] How to install and configure srss3.1 in TSOL8

Mohamed Ali alisampras at esuria.com.bn
Mon Oct 2 14:36:12 EET DST 2006

Dear all,

I have a E250 server with installed Trusted Solaris 8 12/02 Certified 

For your info, i am very new to Trusted Solaris OS and my management 
asked me to install and configure the srss3.1 by next week.
Previously, i have installed srss3.1 in normal Solaris 9 & 10 OS and i 
am familiar with the installation.

I also login to TSOL8 CDE and i found out that i can't install srss3.1 
and the error was permission denied.
I have role called "root and admin". What i can see that the role "root" 
is no more a powerful user.

Should i create new role to install srss?
What Rights i need to grant to role "admin or new role" in order to 
install srss3.1?
What other steps i need to execute in order to install srss?

Can someone from this forum guide me on how to install srss3.1 in TSOL8 
OS environment?

Thanks in advance.

# Yours Sincerely,
# Mohamed Ali Bin Abdullah.

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