[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray WAN article

Paul Matthews paul at xedos.net
Sun Feb 12 18:32:45 EET 2006

In order to address some of the badwidth issues that often crop up I 
wonder if Sun would be better off using the impressive compression 
technology employed by NoMachine NX (http://www.nomachine.com). I use 
their VNC style product often to have full screen remote X display over 
a 56k dial-up link. NX frequently promote their product as a thin client 
solution and have collaborative links with Xandros. A similar link with 
Sun would seem like a good fast track to promoting this in the WAN market

Frank Sommers wrote:
> Hi,
> For those interested in using the Sun Ray in a WAN environment, I was 
> recently able to evaluate such a setup in the context of Sun's prototype 
> "display grid." The display grid is a hosted desktop environment that 
> can be accessed via the Internet. Artima Developer just published an 
> article about this experience. This article may be rather basic for many 
> of you on this list, but towards the end there are some bandwidth usage 
> figures that might be of interest nevertheless:
> http://www.artima.com/articles/desktop_grid.html
> Thanks,
> -- Frank
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