[SunRay-Users] Can I use a Ultra 60 box or another as a RayClient?

{Darkavich} Steven Misrack smisrack at qualcomm.com
Thu Jul 28 15:56:08 EET DST 2005

On Jul 28, 2005, at 14:04, Ivar Janmaat wrote:

> You would only want to pay for the client software (altough I like  
> the opensource idea also)
> But illegal copying of client software is hard to prevent.
> So I can imagine Sun wants to implement some server side  
> restrictions to prevent this.
> Connection billing is than the easy way out.

Well I am happy to pay per client or per unlimited for the client.  
The same as I do for the hardware.
Server restrictions are a bad idea. I would hate to have to explain  
to a user why they can not connect to their session from their  
laptop, but could if they had a hardware client.

Opensource is a good idea, and I think with the Tarantella purchase  
we may see them just implement RDP. <fingers crossed>

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