[Solaris-Users] dual-boot dell latitude d620; was Gnome session not an option

telecomtom at vedatel.com telecomtom at vedatel.com
Thu Feb 22 15:24:17 EET 2007

andreas wrote:
> telecomtom at vedatel.com wrote:
>> I am running Solaris 10 on a sunblade100. The JDS desktop was too slow
>> so we went back to CDE. If there is some way to run only gnome without
>> the extra features that JDS adds to it, I would like to try it. If
>> anyone knows how, please post.
> I can confirm that GNOME (Java Desktop) is no option (too slow). We use
> Window Maker (can be downloaded from blastwave) in conjunction with
> GNUstep (Open-Source clone of NeXTstep) and are very satisfied with it.
> It takes 1-2s from entering username and password to a complete and
> functional desktop. Here is a screenshot to give you an idea.
> 	http://www.smartsoft.de/Downloads/Screen.png
> Let me know if you need help setting this up!

andreas, thanks for the suggestion. we are experiencing some difficulties
with a dual-boot laptop dell latitude in addition to the dual-boot
server/desktop sunblade 100. the grub installation, specifically the
configfile, on the laptop was incorrect, and we will post a fix to this
list. Then we'll get back to the blade. in any case, it has been a great
learning experience.

also, there were some problems getting the integrated wireless card on the
laptop to work under solaris. the chipset is broadcom (vendor 0x14e4;
device 0x4311). we have to use ndiswrapper with the windowsxp driver to
make it work under solaris. we will post a fix and comments in case others
want to try a similar setup.

-- TT

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