[Solaris-Users] st.conf entry question

Ekstrom, Jeffery jekstrom at sanz.com
Mon Oct 17 13:11:50 EET DST 2005

one thing I have noticed is when looking to see what LTO drives are supported in my OS, I get 2 entries for IBM drives:
pcf-lgtoux # strings /kernel/drv/st | grep LTO
HP Ultrium LTO 3
HP Ultrium LTO 2
HP Ultrium LTO
Seagate Ultrium LTO
IBM Ultrium Gen 3 LTO
IBM Ultrium Gen 3 LTO
IBM Ultrium Gen 2 LTO
IBM Ultrium Gen 2 LTO
IBM Ultrium LTO
IBM Ultrium LTO
Is this unusual? Is there any chance that this may be related to the problems I am having?
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SANZ, Inc.
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> each HBA is zoned in with 9 lto2 drives
> each zone has only one initiator
> we are using an sl8500 silo, and acsls to control the silo
> all the drives show up, but I'm not sure if that many drives per hba
> is supported

I don't see a problem with it per se, but you can't actually push all 9
at full speed over one 2Gb/s link.  I've had 10 LTO1 drives in a zone
without any similar issues.

> so perhaps I should extend this discussion to storage area network
> discussions with other users

Could be.  If those drives are in only one zone, then that certainly
eliminates many different possibilities (like another host sending a
spurious reset).  Tracking down fiber errors is never fun.  Sysadmin
tools aren't very good at that level.

Make sure all the drives and switches are at recommended firmware

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