[Solaris-Users] Remote X session

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Mon Dec 1 16:42:20 EET 2003

В отговор на Peter Kirkov <P.Kirkov at actsofia.bg>:

> Hi all,
> does anyone succeeded in connecting X remotely to Solaris box from Linux?
> My setup is as follows:
> One system ( call it server ) is Sun Sparc box with Solaris 8 and
> dtlogin enabled ( I'm able to connect from another Sun box )
> Client ( Intel box, Knoppix ) that has to start X server.
> On the client I try with following:
> X -query ( IP of the server )
> Systems goes to graphical mode, mouse cursor shows and that's it. Just
> sits there.
> >From other Sun box with the same command I'm able to connect to the
> same server without any problems.
> Ideas anyone ?
>  Best regards,
>  Peter

I'd like to ask you: did you add the Linux client to the authorized clients with
xhost like xhost +Linux_BOX_IP( xhost + is a probable reason
for Solaris to barf out as the mentioned host is not authorized to use its X
server. Additional checks should be made about tcpwrappers settings -
ALLOW,DENY;firewall settings, etc.
And final consideration: tunneling the X session between the two hosts with SSH
or IPSEC ;-)
Best regards,
Dimitar Vassilev

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