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FX Eko Suhanto fx_eko at aces.co.id
Thu Apr 10 14:28:22 EET DST 2003

Do you have a manual to do this ?
I need the procedure step by step clearly.
For example : How to set up the hardware configuration ? Where I must put
the new disk (the disk to be cloned) during cloning process ?

thank you


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Romeo Ninov> try dd if=/dev/dsk/<name_disk> of=/dev/dsk/<name_of_copy_disk>

 IMHO that will work only if the disks are exactly the same size (
 I'ld recommend same part number ) If that is not the case, then you
 have two choises: either to edit manually the VTOC after you copy
 with dd or use ufsdump and ufsrestore commands


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>>>> fx_eko at aces.co.id 03/04/03 06:04 >>>
Romeo Ninov> dear all,
Romeo Ninov> How to clone the hardisk (including system, application, and
data) on Sun
Romeo Ninov> Solaris that running in SPARC ?


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