[SGD-Users] SSGD's LDAP requests

Juergen Arndt arndt02 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 21 15:31:06 EET 2008

Hello all,

I'd like to connect SSGD 4.40 to an OpenLDAP server. Authentication
works fine, now I want to work with user profiles, which are located
in the LDAP directory.

Unfortunately we used for our LDAP objects other objectclasses than
SSGD expects - for example our users have the objectclass "account",
SSGD seems to look for "person".

Now I'm wondering, is there any documentation which requests SSGD
sends to the LDAP server? It would be very useful to create a new
directory which fits the needs of SSGD (for some reason it's not
possible for us to use the Sun Java Directory Server).

Juergen Arndt

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