[SGD-Users] Modifier Key through SGD

Andreas Höschler ahoesch at smartsoft.de
Wed Dec 6 18:26:07 EET 2006

Hi all,

we have just setup a new SGD server. We are using Window Maker as teh 
Window Manager and GNUstep. Our apps react on Keystrokes like Alt-s for 
Save or Alt-w for close window. When accessing the server from a Mac 
client we normally define a default so that the Command-Key (Apple-Key) 
can be used, so the key strokes are Command-s for save and Command-w 
for close window. This works great. Now we have users that are 
accessing the server from a Windows machine that has no Apple-Key, so 
we removed the defaults and it should react on Alt-s, Alt-w agian. But 
it does not! The Alt-X strokes do not get through. I suppose this can 
somehow be configured in SGD!?



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